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In this practical and enlightening new book, Gartner sourcing experts Linda Cohen and Allie Young unveil a new operational model�multisourcing�that seamlessly blends internally and externally delivered services not just to cut costs or gain efficiencies, but to maximize growth, agility, and bottom-line results.

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"Moving Beyond Outsourcing"

What People are Saying ...

"Multisourcing is chock-full of helpful charts and lists, among them sample governance charts from DuPont and IndyMac Bancorp and a model outsourcing management dashboard. The "Eight Myths of Outsourcing," detailed in the first few pages, is a great weapon for any CIO being pressured into outsourcing; photocopy this page and keep it in your back pocket."

CIO Magazine, November, 15, 2005

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"Graced by good tables and charts, Multisourcing is written in a conversational way, almost as if the authors were talking to a roomful of clients. It's logical, nicely synthesized and well-constructed, and should be on the reading list of executives charged with managing or expanding a sourcing practice."

Financial Executive, January 2006

"Multisourcing is an essential capability for competing in a global economy. This excellent book blends both theory and practical reality to help business leaders design and control an outsourcing strategy to deliver real impact and bottom line results."

Michael Treacy, Consultant and co-author, The Discipline of Market Leaders

�This book effectively debunks the notion that outsourcing is about negotiating a contract. Multisourcing is not a transaction but a strategy that can yield dramatic business impact.�

Scott Hartz, former CEO, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting

��the book makes useful new points about what companies that are sourcing services should look for, and how they should go about it.�

The Economist Global Executive, December 16, 2005

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"The books biggest strength�is that it does not provide a template for multisourcing. Rather, by principals and instructive examples the book provides a guide to creating customized plans for managing needed."

Industry Week, November 5, 2005

Read an interview with the authors in Optimize magazine.

"This book argues convincingly for a new and critical managerial capability, Multisourcing. Based on the rich experiences of experts who truly understand the sourcing landscape, this book provides executives with the knowhow to develop this essential new capability."

Vijay Gurbaxani, Professor of Management, Graduate School of Management, UC Irvine

"Outsourcing is more than throwing work over a wall. This book presents a clear and compelling prescription for how to move service work across organizational boundaries. All operating managers should understand the ideas behind Mulitsourcing."

Jim Champy, Consultant and co-author, Re-engineering the Corporation

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ISBN: 1591397979
Harvard Business School Publishing, November 2005

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