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Andy Kyte
Andy Kyte
VP & Gartner Fellow
Windsor United Kingdom
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Years of Experience
17 years at Gartner
32 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Enterprise Business Applications & ERP

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Roles and Responsibilities
Andy Kyte is a Vice President and Gartner Fellow in Gartner Research and is a member of the Application Strategy and Governance team. With more than 30 years of experience in the applications arena, his research now concentrates on the challenges facing CIOs and business management teams in maximizing the return on assets for the application portfolio. This involves developing an understanding of best practices in application strategy and application life cycle management, covering both packaged applications and application development. His work on application strategy is centered on the major theme of application overhaul, and encompasses Application Total Cost of Ownership, the unfashionable but vitally important discipline of Application Maintenance and the need for strong application design. As a senior member of the Gartner Research community, Mr. Kyte is in great demand as a keynote speaker, having participated in events in 45 different countries during the last 16 years.
Previous Experience
Mr. Kyte joined Gartner in 1997. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Kyte was with ICL Retail Systems, where he was involved in application architecture and design for point-of-sale systems. Before ICL Retail Systems, he spent several years in application development and design for manufacturing systems. Mr. Kyte began his career by working in various roles in mechanical engineering. His involvement with information technology started in 1982 when he undertook a temporary assignment from the production engineering team to the IT department - and never found his way back. He is passionate about applying engineering disciplines to the development and deployment of application software.
Professional Background
ICL (Now Fujitsu), Distinguished Engineer, 15 years

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