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Mark Fabbi
Mark Fabbi
VP Distinguished Analyst
Uxbridge Canada
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Years of Experience
19 years at Gartner
29 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Networking & Communications Equipment

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Roles and Responsibilities
Mark Fabbi, vice president, distinguished analyst leads Gartner's research in Enterprise Network Infrastructure and touches on all aspects of enterprise network design, including network technologies, vendors and strategies. Major focus areas include networking technologies for virtualized data centers; improving application performance using technologies such as application delivery controllers and WAN optimization that span the gap between applications and networks; and helping clients achieve more equitable financial relationships with key vendors.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Fabbi worked for Bell Canada and affiliated companies and played a leadership role in developing internetworking and managed network service offerings and established key relationships with the pioneers of the emerging internetworking market.
Professional Background
Bell Canada, Director - Advanced Communications, 10 years
B.S., Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, University of Toronto
ARTC - Piano Performance from the University of Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music

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