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Simon Hayward
Simon Hayward
Managing VP
Santa Clara, CA USA
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Years of Experience
16 years at Gartner
42 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Emerging Trends & Technologies
High Performance Workplace

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Roles and Responsibilities
Simon Hayward is currently working on innovations in Gartner's forecasting methodology. Previously, he was a Role Service Director responsible for coordinating Gartner research delivered to clients on the supply side of the technology and telecom industry. Mr. Hayward has been a chief of research with responsibility for overseeing research in the software sector, and is a Gartner Fellow. His personal interests include the relationship of business processes, software applications and software infrastructure. He has researched other topics, including groupware, intranets, knowledge management and mobile computing.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Hayward was chief technology officer of TeamWARE Group, a unit of Fujitsu, where he was responsible for developing groupware, workflow and related products for collaborative office working.
Professional Background
TeamWARE Group, Fujitsu, Chief Technology Officer, 3 years
ICL, Vice President, 20 years
STC, Systems Analyst, 5 years
B.A., Mathematics and Philosophy, Oxford University

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Gartner Webinar: Worldwide PC, Media Tablet and Mobile Devices Forecast Methodology Update, 2Q12 17-Aug-2012 Ranjit Atwal, George Shiffler III, Simon Hayward, Carolina Milanesi, Annette Zimmermann, Raphael Vasquez
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