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Carol Rozwell
Carol Rozwell
VP Distinguished Analyst
Natick, MA USA
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Years of Experience
14 years at Gartner
24 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
High Performance Workplace

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Roles and Responsibilities
Carol Rozwell is a Vice President and Distinguished Analyst on Gartner's Content, Collaboration and Social team. Ms. Rozwell explores strategies that support the digital workplace. She is researching social networks, social analytics and socially centered leadership. Prior to her current assignment, Ms. Rozwell focused her research on technology and standards for R&D productivity in the pharmaceutical industry. She joined Gartner during the e-business frenzy and helped clients electrify their business processes. She brings to her role extensive practical experience as an implementer of buy-side and sell-side e-commerce systems that is augmented by positions in marketing, consulting and strategic alliance management.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Rozwell worked at Premenos, where her marketing and business development efforts significantly contributed to its expansion from a private to a public company. Before that, she worked at Digital Equipment on customer and supplier e-commerce programs, where she developed her common-sense approach to business-to-business communication. During her tenure with Digital Equipment, she actively championed standards efforts at the national level to update the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards architecture. Ms. Rozwell is a founding member of the New England Electronic Commerce User Group (NEECOM).
Professional Background
Premenos, Director of Strategic Alliances, 3 years
Digital Equipment Corporation, Manager of E-Commerce Programs, 14 years
A.A.S., Biomedical Engineering Technology, Monroe Community College
B.S., University of Toronto
Babson College Executive Education Bio-Pharma: Mastering the Business of Science

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