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Rishi Sood
Rishi Sood
Managing VP
San Marcos, CA USA
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Years of Experience
21 years at Gartner
22 years IT industry
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Roles and Responsibilities
Rishi Sood is a vice president in Gartner, where he leads the Gartner for Business Leaders research for the U.S. State and Local Government, U.S. Federal Government and Global Public Sector programs. In this capacity, Mr. Sood provides strategic direction for his clients by helping them understand key business issues, leading technology trends and drivers, demand for IT solutions, industry best practices, competitive landscapes, and future scenarios for public sector organizations. Within the state and local government marketplace, Mr. Sood specializes in the following agency segments: health, human services, tax/revenue and public safety. Mr. Sood's key technology areas include cloud computing, mobility, big data and agency-specific solutions. His key business issues include cost optimization, sourcing and customer service. Within the U.S. federal government market, Mr. Sood focuses on the civilian, defense and intelligence agency segments. His key technology areas include big data/analytics, cloud, cybersecurity, managed services and mobility. His key business issues are government healthcare, sourcing and shared services. Mr. Sood frequently presents at major industry conferences and is a regular contributor to leading IT services publications. He managed a monthly column called "Across the Digital Nation" for Washington Technology magazine.
Previous Experience
Mr. Sood joined Gartner with the acquisition of G2 Research, where he was vice president, managing the firm's Global Industries group, as well as being chief analyst for state and local government.
Professional Background
G2 Research, Vice President, 6 years
Industry Awards/Accolades
Gartner Thought Leadership Award
Gartner Gold Team Award
Gartner Annual Research Award, 2005
Gartner Quarterly Award, 2007
Gartner Quarterly Award, 2008
Gartner Quarterly Award, 2009
Gartner Annual Quantitative Research Award, 2010
Gartner Quarterly Award, 2011
Gartner Thought Leadership Award, 2011
B.A., University of Chicago

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