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Kenneth F. Brant
Kenneth F. Brant
Research Director
Durham, NC USA
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Years of Experience
15 years at Gartner
25 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage

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Roles and Responsibilities
Kenneth Brant covers the manufacturing industries within Gartner's Vertical Industries service for technology and service providers. He analyzes IT market structure and competition, forecasts IT spending, and tracks key IT user and provider trends in manufacturing industries through primary and secondary research sources. Mr. Brant advises technology and service providers targeting manufacturing markets by drawing on his experience and skill sets in strategic planning, marketing management, market research and competitive intelligence in the industry.
Previous Experience
Mr. Brant has previously managed Gartner's Enterprise and Supply Chain Management practice within the Software Sector/Business Applications group. He has sponsored and managed manufacturing and collaborative commerce content at Gartner IT symposia and theme conferences. He has also served as the manufacturing research agenda manager for Gartner's Industry Advisory Service (IAS) after spending two years working on business development assignments sponsored by the President of Gartner Research. Mr. Brant joined Gartner in 1999 as an analyst covering the application of technology in manufacturing operations. In the 10 years prior to joining Gartner, he worked for ABB, where he managed strategic planning, market research and business development programs for a Global 100, multinational, manufacturing technology provider.
Professional Background
ABB Industrial Automation, Manager, Strategy & Planning, 10 years
Industry Awards/Accolades
CEO's Special Recognition and Award (for contributions in client engagement and business development) - 2004
Winners' Circle (for Sales engagement) - 2003
Research Excellence Team Award (for research on the Real-
time Enterprise) - 2002
Research Excellence Individual Award - 2001
M.B.A., magna cum laude, Rochester Institute of Technology

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Market Trends: Where to Find Opportunities for Mobile Solutions in Vertical Industries 22-Jul-2014 Rajesh Kandaswamy, Derry N. Finkeldey, Jeffrey Roster, Kenneth F. Brant, Vittorio D'Orazio, Anurag Gupta, Christine Arcaris, Jennifer Mazzucca, Venecia K Liu, Katell Thielemann
Hype Cycle for Smart Machines, 2014 18-Jul-2014 Kenneth F. Brant, Tom Austin
Forecast: Enterprise IT Spending for the Manufacturing and Natural Resources Market, Worldwide, 2012-2018, 2Q14 Update 18-Jul-2014 Kenneth F. Brant, Rika Narisawa
Forecast: Enterprise IT Spending for the Utilities Market, Worldwide, 2012-2018, 2Q14 Update 18-Jul-2014 Kenneth F. Brant, Rika Narisawa
Forecast: Enterprise IT Spending by Vertical Industry Market, Worldwide, 2012-2018, 2Q14 Update 17-Jul-2014 Vittorio D'Orazio, Derry N. Finkeldey, Susan Cournoyer, Jeffrey Roster, Rika Narisawa, Rishi Sood, Kenneth F. Brant, Venecia K Liu, Anurag Gupta, Jennifer Mazzucca, Rajesh Kandaswamy, Katell Thielemann