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Tom Eid
Tom Eid
Research VP
Boston, MA USA
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Years of Experience
14 years at Gartner
27 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Regulatory Compliance
High Performance Workplace
Software Markets

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Roles and Responsibilities
Thomas Eid is a Research VP in Gartner Technology and Service Provider Research. His focus is on market analysis and market trends as well as forecasts for content, communications, collaboration, social and e-discovery software. Mr. Eid primarily works with enterprise software vendors and covers technology trends and their implications for business and go-to-market strategies. He is also the chair of the Worldwide Enterprise Software research community.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Eid worked for startup, small and large software vendors for more than 13 years. He operated in a variety of roles, including product management, partner development and marketing management.
Professional Background
Ontos Inc., Product Marketing Manager, 2 years
M.B.A., with honors, Boston University
Bachelor's degree, with honors, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut

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