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Joe Skorupa
Joe Skorupa
VP Distinguished Analyst
Fremont, CA USA
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Years of Experience
10 years at Gartner
37 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Networking & Communications Equipment

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Roles and Responsibilities
Joe Skorupa's research centers on advanced network architectures, focusing on converged infrastructures, (fabric-based infrastructure), network virtualization/SDN/OpenFlow and FCoE. Mr. Skorupa also specializes in maximizing application performance via application delivery controllers (Layer 4-7 switching), Web front-end optimization and WAN optimization. In 2011, Mr. Skorupa led a team of 15 Gartner analysts who developed breakthrough scenario-planning-based research on the future of the data center market. He also advises vendors on product, market and partnership strategies and mergers/acquisitions. Through extensive collaboration, Mr. Skorupa's research extends to intersections between networking and business continuity/disaster recovery, application development, unified communications, storage, and data center optimization.
Previous Experience
Mr. Skorupa has more than 35 years of experience in enterprise, service provider and storage networking. He has held a variety of engineering, marketing and analyst roles at companies such as FORE Systems, Bytex, Motorola and RHK.
Professional Background
RHK, VP Switching and Routing , 3 years
FORE Systems, Sr. Director, Product Marketing and Management, 4 years
Bytex, Sr. Director, Product Planning and Management, 4 years
Industry Awards/Accolades
Gartner Thought Leadership Award, 2005
Gartner Thought Leadership Award, 2011
B.A., Indiana University
Member of IEEE
Member of the IEEE 802.3 committee for more than eight years and chaired the 802.3 Network Management Task Force for four years

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