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W. Roy Schulte
W. Roy Schulte
VP Distinguished Analyst
Stamford, CT USA
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Years of Experience
25 years at Gartner
38 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Application Development & Integration

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Roles and Responsibilities
W. Roy Schulte works on real-time analytics, event processing and decision management. He is co-author of the McGraw-Hill book, "Event Processing: Designing IT Systems for Agile Companies." Mr. Schulte was lead author of the 1996 report that introduced the term SOA to the industry, and initiated research into message brokers, event-driven architecture (EDA), business activity monitoring (BAM) and the zero-latency enterprise. He covers related issues, including operational intelligence, complex-event processing (CEP), real-time decision management and dashboards for situation awareness.
Previous Experience
Before joining Gartner, Mr. Schulte was a product manager at Digital Equipment and managed competitive analysis at Data General. He previously served as system programmer, database administrator, application programmer and financial analyst at CIGNA Insurance, Evans Products, Lahey Clinic and MIT.
Professional Background
Digital Equipment Corp., Product Manager, 2 years
Data General Corp., Manager of Competitive Analysis, Manager of Market Development, 8 years
Lahey Clinic, Software System Programmer, DBA, Application Developer, 3 years
Industry Awards/Accolades
Co-authored the 1996 Gartner report that introduced the term "service-oriented architecture" (SOA) to the industry.
Originated research into the field of message brokers.
Coined the term "business activity monitoring" (BAM).
Wrote the first analyst reports on the enterprise service bus (ESB).
B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
M.S., MIT Sloan School of Management

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