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Kurt Schlegel
Kurt Schlegel
Research VP
Stamford, CT USA
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Years of Experience
20 years at Gartner
20 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Business Intelligence

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Roles and Responsibilities
Kurt Schlegel is a research vice president at Gartner studying how organizations report and analyze data for performance management and decision support.
Previous Experience
From 2007-2012, Mr. Schlegel was the agenda manager for Gartner's analytics, BI, performance management research agenda. During his tenure as agenda manager, Mr. Schlegel focused on delivering more empirical research, including customer reference surveys, critical capabilities and SWOTs. Key themes of his research include: 1) The emergence of data discovery as an alternative architecture to traditional OLAP and semantic-layer-based BI platforms. 2) Striking a balance between centralized and decentralized BI programs with a think global/act local organizational model characterized by a central BI team communicating closely with satellite BI teams embedded in local domains. 3) Evolving business intelligence beyond measurement and classification to include true decision support using collaborative decision making. 4) Making BI part of your organization's business model with customer-facing BI. 5) Taking an outside-in perspective to BI by leveraging external data aggregators and industry analytic services.
Professional Background
Meta Group, Program Director, 10 years
M.S., Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
B.S., Industrial Management, Carnegie Mellon University

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