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Paul E. Proctor
Paul E. Proctor
VP Distinguished Analyst
Solana Beach, CA USA
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Years of Experience
11 years at Gartner
29 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Regulatory Compliance
Security & Privacy

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Roles and Responsibilities
Paul Proctor is a VP, Distinguished Analyst, and the chief of research for security and risk management. He helps organizations build mature risk and security programs that are aligned with business need. His coverage includes board reporting, KRI development, risk assessment and GRC technologies. His groundbreaking research in Risk-Adjusted Value Management helps organizations integrate risk and corporate performance.
Previous Experience
Mr. Proctor has been involved in various aspects of risk management since 1985. He was founder and CTO of two technology companies and developed first- and second-generation host-based intrusion-detection technologies. Mr. Proctor is a recognized expert in the fields of risk management and information security and associated regulatory compliance issues. He has authored two books published by Prentice Hall. Mr. Proctor was recognized for his expertise by being appointed to the original Telecommunications Infrastructure Protection working group used by Congress to understand critical infrastructure protection issues prior to the terrorist attack of Sept. 11. Previously, he worked for SAIC, Centrax, CyberSafe, Network Flight Recorder and Practical Security.
Professional Background
SAIC, Engineering Manager, 10 years
Centrax, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, 2 years
Cybersafe, Chief Technology Officer, 3 years
B.S., Mathematics/Computer Science, University of Illinois

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