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Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar
Research VP
Ruislip United Kingdom
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Years of Experience
15 years at Gartner
27 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Servers & Storage

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Roles and Responsibilities
Rakesh Kumar is a Vice President in Gartner Research, where he specializes in enterprise infrastructure and operations strategies. With more than 23 years of international experience, Mr. Kumar is a recognized leader in data center architectures, infrastructure, high availability and operational processes. Mr. Kumar is also leading the research in data center power and cooling issues and is an established international authority in environmental and "green" IT strategies. He has worked with the European Union and various governments around the world on energy-related technology issues. Mr. Kumar has spent considerable time in India working with many companies and government departments. He is one of the world's foremost experts on the development of core IT infrastructure in India.
Previous Experience
Mr. Kumar joined Gartner in April 2005 with the acquisition of Meta Group, where he was senior vice president and co-research director (EMEA). In this position, apart from his core research areas, he drove changes in the European research organization and was instrumental in delivering Meta Group's leading Operations Excellence transformation program. Before Meta Group, Mr. Kumar was EMEA marketing manager for HP's commercial Unix and NT business. He has also held various positions with IBM in software development, sales and consultancy management. Mr Kumar is a part qualified Chartered Accountant, having trained with KPMG.
Professional Background
Meta Group, Senior Vice President, 6 years
Hewlett-Packard, Marketing Manager, 4 years
IBM, Director, 7 years
M.B.A., Nottingham University
B.S., Aeronautical Engineering, University of London
Indian - Hindi
Indian - Punjabi

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