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Brian Prentice
Brian Prentice
Research VP
North Sydney Australia
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Years of Experience
11 years at Gartner
28 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Open Source
Emerging Trends & Technologies

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Roles and Responsibilities
Brian Prentice has been with Gartner for nine years. He is a member of the Web, Mobile and Application Development team. His primary areas of research are on the emergence of "apps" - how they are changing the way that business solutions are defined, created and deployed - and the growing importance that design and simplicity play in creating a compelling user experience. He works across several research key initiatives, including People Centered Computing, Emerging Trends & Technologies, Innovation, and Application Overhaul. Mr. Prentice has also developed thought-leading research on intellectual property-related IT issues, such as the role that patents, copyright and open source play in IT strategy and planning.
Previous Experience
Prior to becoming an analyst, Mr. Prentice worked in the IT vendor community for 17 years. This included organizations such as Apple Computer, WordPerfect, Novell, Lotus, IBM, Microsoft and Onyx Software. Mr. Prentice operated in a variety of roles, including product management, partner development and support management, spanning North America and Asia/Pacific. This combination of roles and companies has allowed Mr. Prentice to be directly involved in the advent of some of the most important technological developments of the past two decades, including desktop operating systems, personal productivity software, messaging and collaboration, customer relationship management, and the Internet. It has also given him unique insights into the dynamics of the software industry.
Professional Background
Apple Computer, Product Manager, 6 years
IBM/Lotus, Manager - Alliance & Partners, 3 years
Novell, Regional Product Manager, 4 years
B.S. with distinction, International Business, California State University, San Jose

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