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Will Cappelli
Will Cappelli
Research VP
London United Kingdom
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Years of Experience
11 years at Gartner
31 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
IT Operations

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Roles and Responsibilities
Will Cappelli is a Gartner Research VP in the Enterprise Management area, focusing on automation, event correlation and fault analysis, management system architectures, and real-time infrastructure issues.
Previous Experience
Mr. Cappelli most recently served as director of Research for EMEA at Meta Group and had previously held a variety of analyst and management positions at a number of major research firms, including Forrester/Giga Information Group, Ovum, New Science Associates and Real Decisons Corp.
Professional Background
Meta Group, Vice President, European Director of Research, 2 years
Giga Information Group, Research Fellow, 5 years
Ovum, Principal Analyst, 1 year
M.A. Mathematics, Villanova University
B.A., Mathematics and Philosophy, Yale University

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