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David Norton
David Norton
Research Director
Egham United Kingdom
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Years of Experience
8 years at Gartner
26 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Application Development & Integration

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Roles and Responsibilities
David Norton joined Gartner in 2007 first in the Application Development team; currently, he is in the Application Governance and Strategy group. His main focus areas relate to development process, frameworks and methodologies, and their impact on and relationship with governance, organizational structure and strategy. Particular areas of interest include enterprise-class agile development; overlap of agile and iterative methods with SOA, cloud and mobile; and model-driven development. Mr. Norton also covers business process analysis (BPA) and is lead author of the BPA Magic Quadrant. His work on BPA covers modeling standards, tools, best practices and relationship of BPA with BPM, EA and BI for decision support. Mr. Norton's work spans many verticals - from banking and finance to healthcare and defense - with increasing work in regulated domains. Taking a hands-on approach, Mr. Norton believes in staying close to his clients and regularly attends clients' workshops; he likes clients to feel he is a virtual team member.
Previous Experience
Prior to Gartner, Mr. Norton held a number of senior roles in global organizations focusing on business and IT transformation, including relationship and culture issues during major business change, such as M&As, business restructuring and outsourcing. He has helped put in place new methods and frameworks such as TOGAF, agile and model-driven development in Global 100 companies, in one instance saving more than $110 million within a year with a global outsourcer. Mr. Norton also spent more than 10 years in the defense sector on projects as diverse as the HC 47 Chinook helicopter to NBC warfare systems. He is still active in this sector, supporting MODAF/DoDAF framework issues and the use of agile in battlespace systems.
Professional Background
DHL, Global Head of Methods and Tools, 8 years
Pall, Senior System Specialist Engineer, 10 years
Industry Awards/Accolades
TOGAF certification
M.Sc., with distinction, Software Engineering (Real-Time System), Southampton Institute
H.N.D., Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Highbury College, Portsmouth

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