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Sergis Mushell
Sergis Mushell
Research Director
Santa Clara, CA USA
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Years of Experience
6 years at Gartner
21 years IT industry
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Roles and Responsibilities
Sergis Mushell is a Research Director with Gartner's Technology and Service Provider Research group. His primary focus is on processors and graphic processors, heterogeneous system architecture (HSA) technology (Intel, AMD, ARM, MIPS, Power, Nvidia, Imagination), microprocessors UPU and GPU, ARM processors, and MIPS processors. Mr. Mushell also covers the impact of the cloud, data centers and virtualization on semiconductors. He covers the semiconductor medical applications, with a focus on remote patient monitoring and diagnostic electronic equipment. In storage area, Mr. Mushell focuses on SAN infrastructure related to HBA and FC switches and director system environments, HCA Infiniband, 10 Gigabit Ethernet NIC and LOM, FCoE, CNA (Brocade, Cisco, Emulex, Qlogic, Mellanox, Chelsio, Intel, Broadcom), and all storage semiconductors, including NAS, SATA, SAS, FC and RAID silicon solutions, as well as networking semiconductors with focus on software-defined networks (SDNs) and converged networks (Cavium, Broadcom, EZchip, Netronome, LSI, Freescale).
Previous Experience
Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Mushell managed EMEA and North America as Area Sales Manager for Phaselink. He held product line management and marketing roles with several semiconductor companies, such as Altera and IDT, where he led efforts in product definition and business plans for new product lines. Mr. Mushell played a key role in several M&A due diligence activities and worked within standards bodies, such as JEDEC and IEEE, on new standards and initiatives.
Professional Background
Phaselink, Area Sales Manager, 1 year
Exar, Sr. Marketing Manager, 4 years
IDT, Marketing Manager, 1 year
M.B.A., Technology Management, University of Phoenix
B.S., IT Computer Electronics, San Jose State University
C.F.A., CFA Institute, San Francisco (in progress)

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Use Workload-Modeling Tools to Optimize Market Positioning of Solid-State Drives 11-Sep-2014 Sergis Mushell, Michele Reitz, Valdis Filks, Heeral Kota
Market Definitions and Methodology: Semiconductor Devices and Applications 26-Aug-2014 Gerald Van Hoy, Bryan Lewis, Paul O'Donovan, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Masao Kuniba, Andrew Norwood, Jon Erensen, Joseph Unsworth, Steve Ohr, Ganesh Ramamoorthy, Brady Wang, Michele Reitz, Sergis Mushell, Adib Carl Ghubril, Mark Hung, Roger Sheng, Masatsune Yamaji, Adriana Blanco, Ben Lee, Amy Teng
Competitive Landscape: Data Center Interconnect Semiconductors, 10/40GbE and InfiniBand, Worldwide, 2013 18-Aug-2014 Sergis Mushell
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