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Rita L. Sallam
Rita L. Sallam
Research VP
Fulton, MD USA
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Years of Experience
6 years at Gartner
26 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Business Intelligence

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Roles and Responsibilities
Rita Sallam is a research vice president at Gartner, where she focuses on business intelligence (BI) and analytics. This includes writing about and advising organizations on market trends, vendors and best practices. Of particular interest is advanced analytics on diverse data and decision management and optimization including collaborative decision making, which is the convergence of technologies that improve the quality and transparency of decisions.
Previous Experience
Mrs. Sallam joined Gartner in 2008 with almost 20 years of experience in the enterprise software market. Before that, she spent 10 years with Oracle, delivering role-based competitive intelligence and strategic analysis on BI, data warehousing, data integration and master data management markets to sales, development, product strategy and senior management. Prior to that, she led business planning, fundraising and strategy development for two middleware startups and was a management/strategy consultant for Arthur D. Little.
Professional Background
Oracle, Senior Director of Competitive Intelligence, 10 years
Concept 5 Technologies, Director of Business Planning, 4 years
Arthur D. Little, Management/Strategy Consultant, 4 years
M.B.A., Finance, Northeastern University
B.S/B.A, International Business/French, American University

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