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Samantha Searle
Samantha Searle
Research Analyst
Egham United Kingdom
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Years of Experience
6 years at Gartner
6 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Business Process Management

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Roles and Responsibilities
Samantha Searle, Ph.D., covers research that helps organizations to succeed in business transformation and process management. In particular, she focuses on use of metrics to improve decision making and drive business outcomes. Another key area of her research describes business transformation and process-related roles, including the business process director and business outcome owner, as well as the skills required. She also covers how to overcome issues relating to process governance and ownership to improve your chances of achieving the desired strategic business outcomes. She leverages her previous experience in academia and consulting to research best practices in applying business transformation and process management to your organization and advise clients on how to develop the right approach for their organization, especially when dealing with Big Change.
Previous Experience
In her previous role at Gartner, Samantha Searle managed the research agenda and reports for the Enterprise for IT Leaders group, covering Enterprise Applications - SAP and Sourcing and Vendor Management. After graduating from University College, London, with a Ph.D. in Astronomy, she continued to work as a researcher in academia. Her research has been published in international scientific journals and conference proceedings. She also has some experience researching and producing reports on renewable energy markets in Europe. After graduation, she gained work experience as a consultant in London and Barcelona, specializing in organization development and culture.
Ph.D., Astronomy, University College, London
M.Sci., Astrophysics, University College, London

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