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Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy
Research Director
Boston, MA USA
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Years of Experience
18 years at Gartner
18 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
High Performance Workplace
Web Services
Application Development & Integration

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Roles and Responsibilities
Jim Murphy is a Research Director in Gartner's Web and Cloud group, concentrating on portals and Web technologies. Mr. Murphy advises clients on building effective and durable Web strategies and covers supporting technology such as enterprise portals, Web content management, collaboration and search.
Previous Experience
Mr. Murphy brings hands-on experience in enterprise content management and collaboration to his current position. He advised AMR Research's clients on knowledge management, collaboration, content management, enterprise search and portals. Mr. Murphy also worked with software vendors on marketing and product strategies, tracking trends to assess the competitive landscape. He was instrumental in developing AMR Research's customer portal and many of the firm's internal knowledge management practices. Having worked at AMR Research since 1996, Mr. Murphy has held various positions in the IT, marketing, editorial and research departments. As director of publications, he was responsible for building the company's content management strategy, including the design, creation, editing, publishing and distribution of thousands of print and electronic reports and articles per year. Prior to joining AMR Research, Mr. Murphy taught English literature at a number of New England colleges and high schools. Mr. Murphy has written and published numerous articles on a broad range of technology topics, and has been quoted in numerous trade and top-tier publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Financial Times, and Reuters.
Professional Background
AMR Research, Research Director, Knowledge and Content Management, 14 years
M.A. in English Literature, Boston College
B.A. in English, College of the Holy Cross

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