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Roxane Edjlali
Roxane Edjlali
Research Director
Paris La Defense cedex France
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Years of Experience
4 years at Gartner
14 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Data Management & Integration

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Roles and Responsibilities
Roxane Edjlali is a research director focusing on DBMS, data management and integration technologies. With prior background in business intelligence and data warehousing, Ms. Edjlali addresses data warehousing current and future challenges both from a technology and architecture perspective but also from an organizational, and best practices perspective. As a result Ms Edjlali also follows big data challenges, in-memory dbms and the logical data warehouse as emerging trends.
Previous Experience
Ms. Edjlali has 19 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining Gartner, she was product management director at SAP, where she was leading SAP's Semantic Layer and Data Modeling Strategy for SAP Business Objects.
Professional Background
SAP, Product Management Director, 3 years
Business Objects, Senior Product Manager, 7 years
MSc. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from ENSIMAG, Grenoble, France

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The State of Data Warehousing in 2014 19-Jun-2014 Roxane Edjlali, Mark A. Beyer
Large Software Vendors and Their Roles in Information Infrastructure 09-Jun-2014 Frank Buytendijk, Andrew White, Roxane Edjlali, Ted Friedman, Mark A. Beyer, Saul Judah, Merv Adrian
Oracle's Approach to Information Infrastructure and the Gartner Information Capabilities Framework 06-Jun-2014 Roxane Edjlali, Ted Friedman, Mark A. Beyer, Merv Adrian, Saul Judah, Andrew White, Frank Buytendijk
Adapt Your Information Infrastructure in the Age of Consumer-Centric Mobile Apps 06-May-2014 Roxane Edjlali
Cool Vendors in Data Integration and Data Quality, 2014 24-Apr-2014 Eric Thoo, Ted Friedman, Saul Judah, Rita L. Sallam, Roxane Edjlali