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Lawrence Pingree
Lawrence Pingree
Research Director
Livermore, CA USA
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Years of Experience
4 years at Gartner
18 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Security & Privacy

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Roles and Responsibilities
Lawrence Pingree's responsibilities include the coverage of information security technologies and markets, security program execution, advanced threats, network-based security technologies, mobile device security, and cloud-related security issues. The emphasis of his research is on providing insights to the security vendor community. His inquiry and research goals are to provide technology providers with critical insights on the latest security market trends, technology alignments and potential partnerships and to aid technology providers competing in the security markets. He achieves these goals for technology and service providers by reviewing their businesses. This includes examination of their marketing efforts, go-to-market strategy, currently employed technologies, technology development plans and various other business attributes to identify the key competitive differentiators and competitive strategies that providers should use to navigate the market. On inquiry with end users, Mr. Pingree is focused on identifying the best opportunities and technologies to address strategic customer requirements and providing insights into the strategies they may need to employ in order to successfully combat the advancing threat landscape by leveraging security technologies.
Previous Experience
Mr. Pingree has been an active member of the information security industry for many years. He has consulted for large financial institutions, corporations and government entities on technologies ranging from firewalls, intrusion detection, networks, system penetration, risk management, compliance, e-discovery and forensics, and he has served as a chief security architect at both PeopleSoft and NetScreen. Currently, Mr. Pingree is an active member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) of Silicon Valley, as well as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), and he is a published author of two books. He is a founding board member of the Digital Forensics Association, where he is serving as VP. In his spare time, he enjoys trading money on the foreign currency market, hiking, nature and performance cars.
Professional Background
Williams-Sonoma, Sr. Security Architect/Engineer, 1 year
McAfee, Sr. Manager Competitive Intelligence, 2 years
Safeway, Sr. Security Architect/Engineer, 3 years
Industry Awards/Accolades
Author of "The Manager's Guide to Becoming Great" by iUniverse Publishing
Author and technical editor of "Check Point Certified System Administrator Study Guide" by Syngress Media/McGraw Hill
Published white paper: "Analysis of VRRP v2 Issues and Solutions"

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