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Mark Hung
Mark Hung
Research VP
Santa Clara, CA USA
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Years of Experience
4 years at Gartner
26 years IT industry
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Roles and Responsibilities
Mark Hung is a Research VP at Gartner, where he covers wireless technologies and platforms. In this role, he focuses on how emerging wireless trends are transforming and disrupting a number of industries, including mobile, computing, communications and IoT. His recent research has focused on Bluetooth LE and iBeacons, the IoT ecosystem, indoor location, smartphones and tablets, and wireless technologies spanning from the PAN (NFC and Bluetooth), to LAN (802.11ac/ad/ah), and WAN (LTE). With his technical and entrepreneurial background, Mr. Hung has advised many Fortune 500 companies and government organizations on their strategic planning, product positioning, market sizing and competitive analysis. Mr. Hung is the lead analyst for Intel, Qualcomm Atheros, Broadcom, MediaTek, Marvell and CSR. He is frequently quoted in the leading publications and media outlets, including AllThingsD, Barron's, BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, Financial Times, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Wired.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Hung was the director of strategic marketing for Atheros Communications, where he was responsible for product marketing and diversification strategies for the company. Mr. Hung was also co-founder and director of IT operations of Ingenuity Systems, a pioneering bioinformatics SaaS company whose products have become the de facto standard in the functional genomics research community. Ingenuity was sold to QIAGEN in 2013 for more than $100 million. He has also served as a member of the board of directors for the Wi-Fi Alliance. Mr. Hung has been a key participant in the development of a number of groundbreaking technologies, including Fast Ethernet, 10G Metro Ethernet and 802.11n. He has more than 20 years of experience in the communications IC and systems industry, including positions at Atheros Communications, Infineon Technologies, ZettaCom, 3Com and Nortel Networks.
Professional Background
Atheros Communications, Director of Strategic Marketing, 5 years
ZettaCom, Director of Marketing and Business Development, 3 years
Ingenuity Systems, Co-founder and Director of Operations, 3 years
Industry Awards/Accolades
Gartner Golden Quill Award, 2011
Stanford BASES Business Plan Award, 1998
M.S., Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
B.A.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Waterloo
Chinese - Mandarin
Chinese - Taiwanese

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