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Jonah Kowall
Jonah Kowall
Research VP
Miami Beach, FL USA
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Years of Experience
3 years at Gartner
20 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
IT Operations

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Roles and Responsibilities
Jonah Kowall is a Research VP in Gartner's IT Operations Management group. He focuses on application performance monitoring (APM), event correlation and analysis (ECA), network fault monitoring (NFM), network performance monitoring (NPM), network configuration and change management (NCCM), and general system and infrastructure monitoring technologies (storage, virtualization, public cloud and private cloud). He also covers SLA monitoring of services and applications. Increasing SaaS delivery options of monitoring technologies include the monitoring of mobile device and mobile application performance. These technologies are the foundation of operations, and they exist to make incident, problem and change management possible for these teams. Detailed Coverage: APM - Application performance monitoring includes end-user experience monitoring, application runtime architecture, user-defined transaction profiling, deep-dive monitoring, and analytics. ECA - Event correlation and analysis includes traditional event management, system and network fault and performance monitoring, and the analytics around events coming from multiple monitoring systems. (Includes network fault monitoring) BSM - Business service management is the representation of IT metrics to a business user, normally in the form of dashboards. NPM - Network performance monitoring is often considered a distinct area, since it can be used for network debugging, as well as monitoring and management of application performance. NCCM - Network configuration and change management is the set of tools that operate in multivendor environments, enable automated configuration management, and help with the change management process, as well as compliance auditing. IT Operations Analytics - The multiple types of tools in this area include various analytical technologies, including unstructured data index and search. These assist with usage and capacity questions, as well as root cause analysis.
Previous Experience
Mr. Kowall recently managed a global team of engineers and managers for Previously at Thomson Reuters, he was globally responsible for monitoring and enterprise management software and architecture. With a diverse technical background, he has run technical SWAT-style troubleshooting. Mr. Kowall has implemented and managed adoption of APM, ECA and NMS in an enterprise setting. He has additional experience and expertise around run book automation (RBA), virtualization, storage, infrastructure and application architecture, and is well established in the security arena. Mr. Kowall's end-user experience managing these toolsets gives him a unique perspective on these technologies at both small dynamic startups and Fortune 500 corporations. Understanding operations allows a proper blending of products to fit existing technology investments and road maps.
Professional Background, Director of Technical Operations, 3 years
Thomson Reuters, Director of Monitoring and Enterprise Management , 6 years
Corporate Communications Broadcast Network (CCBN), Security Officer, 3 years
Industry Awards/Accolades
CISSP, CISA, ITIL Practitioner and Foundation, CCIP, CCSA, MCP+I
B.S., Computer Science, Wentworth Institute of Technology

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