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Svetlana Sicular
Svetlana Sicular
Research Director
Foster City, CA USA
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Years of Experience
3 years at Gartner
21 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Enterprise Architecture
Data Management & Integration

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Roles and Responsibilities
Svetlana Sicular has a uniquely combined experience of Fortune 500 IT and business leadership, product management at world-class software vendors, and Big Four consulting. She primarily handles inquiries in the areas of data governance, enterprise information management strategy and big data.
Previous Experience
Before joining Gartner, Ms. Sicular was a leader of Visa Data Authority. She was responsible for data interoperability, global oversight of critical data components, and international standards that support Visa's global data. She was also in charge of all aspects of Visa global CRM applications and BI for CRM. In her previous role at Oracle/Siebel world-class technology product marketing, which defined the core architecture of all Siebel applications, Ms. Sicular was in charge of databases, operating systems and infrastructure platforms for all Siebel products, such as CRM, analytics and acquired technologies.
Professional Background
Visa, Vice President, Global Data Standards, 4 years
Oracle/Siebel Systems, Core Technology Product Management Positions, 6 years
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Principal Consultant, 6 years
M.S., Mathematics

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