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Eric Ahlm
Eric Ahlm
Research Director
Atlanta, GA USA
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Years of Experience
3 years at Gartner
17 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Security & Privacy

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Roles and Responsibilities
Over the last 14 years in information technology and security, Eric Ahlm has gained a broad prospective on challenges that face vendors and end users alike. During the course of his career, Mr. Ahlm has advised both Fortune 500 and SMB clients on global security projects, run a security research lab studying attack methods and the effectiveness of off-the-shelf technologies designed to stop them, conducted client-engaged ethical hacking services, performed regulatory compliance gap analysis consulting, created and delivered professional and managed security service offerings, and been actively engaged in the public forum to discuss findings and experiences. Through this journey, Mr. Ahlm has gained a deep understanding of client-facing security issues and how vendors can best position to solve these issues, gaining them market share. He has seen the industry through several different vantage points and advised a broad range of influencers through his work as a security consultant, strategic advisor, security vendor, channel manager, professional and managed services product manager, and ethical hacker. This has allowed him to advise such roles as client-side security executives, line-of-business management, investors, vendor product marketing, audit and compliance teams, service product marketing and general IT executive management in such key vertical markets as healthcare, retail, banking and finance, manufacturing, hospitality, services, and energy industries.
Previous Experience
At Cisco, Mr. Ahlm's primary responsibly was to advise its key customers on security technologies and best approach to solving common security challenges. What Cisco added to his vantage point was the need to work with broader decision makers outside of security in projects where security was not the primary goal. This helped him gain insights into other relevant technologies, such as data center virtualization, rich media extension, Web-based collaboration tools, and cloud-based offerings where the underlying question was, "What is the security risk of adoption to this new method of doing business?" Vigilar offered up numerous opportunities for security experience. One of the key responsibilities that Mr. Ahlm held was director of emerging technologies. His key role was to understand the latest attacks and hacking methods, then evaluate Vigilar's vendor partner list of over 100 manufacturers as to how well their technologies ranked against their competitors, the customer needs, and the current threat landscape. This experience gave him a deep understanding of how vendor products can best position for customer adoption.
Professional Background
Cisco Systems, Security Specialist, 5 years
Vigilar, Director of Emerging Technologies, 5 years
Symantec, Security Partner Channel Manager, 1 year
BSEET Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technologies, 1998

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