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Gyanee Dewnarain
Gyanee Dewnarain
Research VP
Egham United Kingdom
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Years of Experience
3 years at Gartner
10 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Networking & Communications Services

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Roles and Responsibilities
Gyanee Dewnarain is a research director covering CSP business strategies. In particular, Ms. Dewnarain focuses on the following areas: disruptive trends in the mobile market, the impact of OTT players (Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Skype)on CSPs' business; CSPs' mobile platform, mobile device and mobile OS strategies (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), CSPs' app store, developer marketing and HTML5 initiatives (Facebook Ringmark, Mozilla Boot2Gecko), CSPs' LTE pricing strategies worldwide, new mobile broadband services (personal cloud, RCS, VoLTE, Internet TV) and business models, CSPs' M2M strategies and business models and CSPs' customer experience management (CEM)initiatives.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Dewnarain was Marketing Director for LiMo Foundation(later Tizen)-a CSP-led consortium. As part of her role in LiMo, Ms. Dewnarain investigated alternative service strategies for Tier 1 operators and equally engaged in developer marketing. Earlier, she worked as product marketing manager for Carrier IQ, which provides business intelligence solutions to CSPs. Before her role in Carrier IQ, Ms. Dewnarain worked as field marketing manager for the smart card manufacturer Gemalto, where she was responsible for introducing SIM-based solutions, such as mobile TV, contactless payment and contactless ticketing to CSPs in North Europe. Ms. Dewnarain started her career as a telecom engineer in Alcatel, where she helped design services for emerging markets.
Professional Background
LiMo Foundation, Marketing Director, 3 years
Gemalto, Field Marketing Manager, 3 years
Alcatel, Telecom Engineer, 1 year
Industry Awards/Accolades
Winner of the Alcatel-ITU youth initiative
Recipient of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship
M.Sc., Telecommunications (with distinction), UCL
Indian - Hindi

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Market Trends: Cloud Is a Critical Enabler for CSP Enterprise Digital Services 31-Mar-2014 Gyanee Dewnarain, Gregor Petri, Neil Osmond
Report Highlight for Market Trends: Cloud Is a Critical Enabler for CSP Enterprise Digital Services 31-Mar-2014 Gyanee Dewnarain, Gregor Petri, Neil Osmond
Toolkit: Digital Maturity Assessment for CSPs 20-Mar-2014 Neil Osmond, Andy Rowsell-Jones, Gyanee Dewnarain
Research Roundup: Impact of OTT Players on CSPs' Business 19-Mar-2014 Gyanee Dewnarain
Market Trends: Enterprise Digital Services Drive CSPs' Diversification Strategy 10-Mar-2014 Gyanee Dewnarain