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Jake Sorofman
Jake Sorofman
Research Director
Asheville, NC USA
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Years of Experience
2 years at Gartner
16 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Digital Marketing

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Roles and Responsibilities
Jake Sorofman analyzes digital marketing strategy, trends and practices. He focuses on mobile, social and content marketing and helps clients use these techniques to engage customers, evangelize their brands, grow revenue and transform their business.
Previous Experience
Before joining Gartner, Mr. Sorofman founded a boutique content marketing agency, and he held communications, product marketing, CMO and other leadership positions with software startups and established technology companies. He blended content and communications strategies into high-impact brand engagement.
Professional Background
Marketlever, Founding Partner, 2 years
rPath, CMO, 3 years
Mercury Interactive, VP of Product Marketing, 2 years
M.A., Liberal Arts (expected), University of North Carolina Asheville
M.B.A., Bentley University (Beta Gamma Sigma, George Hay Brown Marketing Scholar of the Year)
B.A., English and Political Science, University of New Hampshire

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