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David J. Cappuccio
David J. Cappuccio
Research VP
Stamford, CT USA
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Years of Experience
10 years at Gartner
45 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Servers & Storage

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Roles and Responsibilities
David J. Cappuccio is a Managing VP and Chief of Research for the Infrastructure teams with Gartner, responsible for research in data center design, retrofit, construction and cost models, data center futures, power/cooling, green IT, and data center consolidation and migration strategies. Mr. Cappuccio's experience extends more than 43 years in the technology arena, including financial services, IT operations, market research and management consulting. Starting in 1992, he spent 10 years at Gartner in various research and executive roles, including Group VP and General Manager of Gartner's worldwide Research organization.
Previous Experience
In 2001, Mr. Cappuccio was chief research officer of Next Economy Partners, a research and advisory firm he co-founded to augment venture capital firms' ability to assist emerging technology companies with marketing, revenue generation and strategic alliance development. Most recently, he was chief operating officer and SVP for Delahaye Medialink Worldwide, a leading public relations benchmarking and media research firm. Mr. Cappuccio returned to Gartner in 2004.
Professional Background
Delahaye Medialink Worldwide, SVP, Chief Operating Officer, 2 years
Next Economy Partners, Co-founder, Chief Research Officer, 2 years
Aetna Life & Casualty, Corporate Officer, Data Centers, Networks, Corporate Strategy, 21 year

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