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Donald Feinberg
Donald Feinberg
VP Distinguished Analyst
Sao Paulo Brazil
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Years of Experience
24 years at Gartner
49 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Business Intelligence
Data Management & Integration

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Roles and Responsibilities
Donald Feinberg is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner Intelligence in the Information Management group. Mr. Feinberg is responsible for Gartner's research on database management systems and data warehousing infrastructure and Big Data.
Previous Experience
Before this, Mr. Feinberg held various management jobs within Gartner, most recently vice president and general manager of Latin American operations. Mr. Feinberg began his career at Gartner in the Software Management Strategies group responsible for DBMS software and vendors. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Feinberg worked at Oracle, where he was director of technical marketing for the company's IBM mainframe database business. In this capacity, he was responsible for technical sales and marketing support of the products worldwide. Previously, Mr. Feinberg was an assistant professor of mathematics at Boston University. Mr. Feinberg resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Professional Background
Oracle, Inc., Director, Product Marketing, 3 years
BXLE Associates, Principal, 10 years
Boston University, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 10 years
B.S., Mathematics, University of Minnesota
M.S., Mathematics, Boston University

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