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Patricia Adams
Patricia Adams
Research Director
Stamford, CT USA
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Years of Experience
21 years at Gartner
21 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
IT Asset Management
IT Operations

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Roles and Responsibilities
Patricia Adams is a research director in Gartner Research. Working within the IT operations area, she has been the lead analyst on all aspects of IT asset management, both software and hardware, from tools through to process design and best practices. Her research area also gives her insight into synergistic areas within IT operations management, such as ITIL and other IT service management disciplines that overlap with ITAM. Actively tracking and managing software and hardware inventory often overlaps with configuration management databases (CMDB), so Ms. Adams co-covers the extensive CMDB and IT service dependency mapping tools and marketplace.
Previous Experience
Since Ms. Adams joined Gartner in 1993, her research has focused on several technology areas during her tenure.
Professional Background
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Registrar's Office, 3 years
B.A., Bard College

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