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Alexa Bona
Alexa Bona
Managing VP
Bournemouth United Kingdom
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Years of Experience
20 years at Gartner
20 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
IT Asset Management

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Roles and Responsibilities
Alexa Bona is a Managing Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research, where her research currently focuses on IT management. As part of the IT Procurement and Asset Management research practice, Mrs. Bona is responsible for coverage of future trends in software licensing and pricing practices, as well as maintenance and support models for software. She looks at how some of the contracting and pricing around cloud computing is evolving. In addition to looking at how models will evolve, Mrs. Bona advises organizations on deal negotiation strategies to help them achieve best-in-class, sustainable and flexible deals with major business application software vendors and SaaS providers, such as Google, IBM, Oracle,, Workday and SAP.
Previous Experience
Prior to her current position, Mrs. Bona was dedicated to research in the area of CRM, specifically in customer service and support. Mrs. Bona joined Gartner in 1994.
B.A., History, The University of Manchester in England

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