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Gareth Herschel
Gareth Herschel
Research Director
Atlanta, GA USA
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Years of Experience
19 years at Gartner
21 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Business Intelligence
Customer Relationship Management

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Roles and Responsibilities
Gareth Herschel is the Lead Analyst on the use of analysis to drive improved business performance in the area of customer relationships. Mr. Herschel covers a wide variety of different types of analysis, including predictive analysis, social analytics, and text and speech analytics, to identify the most appropriate technique for different business situations.
Previous Experience
Previously, Mr. Herschel trained as a business analyst in the finance and logistics functions of IT companies.
Professional Background
IBM, Business Strategy and Modeling Analyst, 1 year
ICL, Logistics Analyst, 1 year
Business Administration degree, with honors, University of Bath, England

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