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Michele C. Caminos
Michele C. Caminos
Managing VP
Wellington New Zealand
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Years of Experience
18 years at Gartner
23 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
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Roles and Responsibilities
Michele Caminos is a managing vice president with Gartner Technology and Service Provider research, managing the global team of Imaging and Print Services and Security Services. Previous to this role, Ms. Caminos was a research vice president covering data center transformation. Ms. Caminos has also covered the SMB and channels research area, as well as IT services, within Gartner in the U.S. and Asia/Pacific. Key research areas include vendor strategies, go-to-market strategies and user demands. Ms. Caminos is a regular presenter at local and international IT events and contributes regularly to Australasian and Asia/Pacific computing journals and publications. She resides in Auckland, New Zealand.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Caminos was a market analyst with Accenture, specializing in the areas of logistics and distribution. Other experience includes portfolio management roles in banking and finance, as well as marketing of healthcare software.
Professional Background
Accenture, Analyst, 1 year
Fleet Bank, Analyst, 2 years
Lucent Technologies, Marketing Assistant, 2 years
B.S., Business Administration (International Marketing), Boston University

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