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Jennifer S. Beck
Jennifer S. Beck
VP & Gartner Fellow
Wilton, NH USA
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Years of Experience
17 years at Gartner
34 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Digital Marketing

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Roles and Responsibilities
Jennifer Beck serves digital marketing leaders, specializing in multichannel marketing across digital and offline channels. She offers advice to CMOs and CEOs on how to competitively position their companies, create and manage their brands, enter the digital arena and maximize marketing and sales investments. Jennifer has also developed a series of models and planning tools to help companies develop corporate identity and branding initiatives, growth blueprints, partner strategies, go-to-market programs, and more effective sales models. She keynotes Gartner conferences and presents at various industry venues.
Previous Experience
Jennifer is an industry veteran in both product and service marketing. Before joining Gartner, she held a series of creative and project management roles in marketing management and business development at Digital Equipment Corp. for the systems integration, consulting, outsourcing and customer service businesses.
Professional Background
Digital Equipment Corp. , Worldwide Marketing Manager, Outsourcing, 15 years
Boston Zoological Society, Director, Marketing and Public Relations, 8 years
Graduate of American University in Washington, D.C., and Boston University
The language of business and marketing

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