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Michael Maoz
Michael Maoz
VP Distinguished Analyst
Stamford, CT USA
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Years of Experience
17 years at Gartner
27 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
Customer Relationship Management

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Roles and Responsibilities
Michael Maoz is a Research Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. His research focuses on customer strategies and technologies, with an emphasis on the CRM customer service disciplines, collaborative customer strategies, social media strategies, and cloud-based CRM applications and analytics. Mr. Maoz is the research leader for the customer service and support strategies area. He researches social software, software as a service (SaaS), CRM contracts and budget strategies, multichannel contact center applications, social CRM/communities, and field service management. He is also the lead analyst for the Oracle CRM product portfolio.
Previous Experience
Mr. Maoz has 25 years of international experience, with 18 years in CRM applications, contact centers/customer engagement hubs, social CRM, field service, SaaS and European market dynamics.
Professional Background
Point Information Systems, Germany, Director of Corporate Communications, 4 years
Scitex, Israel, Project Lead, R&D, 7 years
Prime Computer, Technical Writer, Office Automation Systems, 1 year
Industry Awards/Accolades
Rothschild Prize for Technology Innovation, team award, 1992, Israel
B.A., European History, University of Massachusetts
Graduate certificate, Technical Communications, Northeastern University

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The CRM Perspective on Leveraging Digital Technologies to Create a Customer-Centric Enterprise 15-Sep-2014 Penny Gillespie, Ed Thompson, Gareth Herschel, Michael Maoz, Robert P. Desisto, Kimberly Collins, Drew Kraus, Jim Davies, Praveen Sengar, Jenny Sussin, Olive Huang, Brian Manusama, Tad Travis
Understanding the Knowledge Management Vendor Landscape for CRM Customer Service 29-Aug-2014 Michael Maoz
Toolkit: CRM Customer Engagement Center Applications RFP 13-Aug-2014 Michael Maoz
TOA Deal Will Speed Oracle's Move to the Cloud in Field Service Management 01-Aug-2014 Michael Maoz, William McNeill
Hype Cycle for Mobile Applications and Development, 2014 29-Jul-2014 Robert P. Desisto, Michael Maoz