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Meike Escherich
Meike Escherich
Principal Research Analyst
Exmouth United Kingdom
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Years of Experience
17 years at Gartner
17 years IT industry
Areas of Coverage
PCs, Laptops & Handheld Devices

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Roles and Responsibilities
Meike Escherich is a Principal Analyst in Gartner's Technology & Service Provider Research group. As a member of the Consumer Markets & Technologies Group, she is involved in creating quarterly market share and market forecast publications for the device markets in EMEA with special focus on Germany. She regularly publishes strategic advice for device vendors in the areas of changing consumer usage and buying dynamics including BYOD and CYOD trends and emerging technology trends like tablets and Ultrabooks. She also leads Gartner's annual Hype Cycles for Consumer Devices and Consumer Research Methods. Additionally, she has key responsibility for analyzing European environmental legislation and its impact on device vendors, as well as covering ongoing developments in the worldwide secondhand device market.
Previous Experience
In 1997, Ms. Escherich joined Gartner's IT Services team as an analyst. In 2000, she moved into the Client Computing Group as Senior Analyst before becoming a member of the Consumer Markets team in 2010. Before joining Gartner, Ms. Escherich worked for three years as a financial analyst at Reuters in the U.K.
Professional Background
Reuters, Financial Analyst, 3 years
M.S., Clinical Psychology
B.A., Law

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