Analyst Profile

Kristin R. Moyer

Kristin R. Moyer

VP Distinguished Analyst

17 years at Gartner ,  25 years industry experience
Golden, CO USA

Roles and Responsibilities

Kristin Moyer is a Research Vice President & Distinguished Analyst in Gartner's Banking/Investment Services practice. She is also a Digital Business workstream leader, one of two Gartner themes in 2016. She is running one of Gartner's four Digital Business Special Reports called "Industry Visions" as part of this role. Ms. Moyer has more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry and more than 25 years in the IT industry. Ms. Moyer is a recognized thought leader in the industry for her ongoing work on open banking (beginning in 2009) and now digital business models (beginning in 2015). She has completed four research projects in Gartner's Maverick Research incubator (a program designed to spark new, unconventional thinking) in the last four years. Ms. Moyer's research is focused on digital business models, platforms/APIs, marketplaces, ecosystems and hackathons. She helps CIOs create strategies for digital business models and articulate the business value of co-creation and outside-in value creation to CEOs, boards of directors and business executives. She also helps CIOs create a plan to make APIs a CEO and board priority in order to get funding for a sustainable, long-term program. Ms. Moyer has been running a series of digital business model transformation workshops and advising CEOs, COOs, CIOs, chief digital officers, chief innovation officers, lead architects and line-of-business executives at banks across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and the Middle East to help them identify starting points and create an action plan for change. Some banks she is working with are reducing the time and cost to market for new channel applications by 90%, while others are increasing addressable market share and net revenue growth by 30% or more.

Areas of Coverage

  • Banking & Investment Services


Previous Experience

Ms. Moyer joined Gartner in 1999 and is based in Denver, Colorado, in the U.S.

Industry Awards/Accolades

2013 - Golden Quill Award (Gartner)
2014 - Agenda Manager of the Year (Gartner)


B.S., Sociology and Psychology, University of Wisconsin
M.A., Sociology and Statistics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ph.D. course work, Statistics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee