Analyst Profile

Tuong Huy Nguyen

Tuong Huy Nguyen

Principal Research Analyst

15 years at Gartner ,  15 years industry experience
Stockton, CA USA

Roles and Responsibilities

Tuong Huy Nguyen is part of Gartner's Consumer Insight team within the Consumer Technology and Markets Research group, focusing on consumer behavior and segmentation issues, including branding, distribution channel strategy, device preferences, and upgrade and replacement cycles. Mr. Nguyen is a Lead Analyst in Latin America, covering competitive and landscape market analysis for mobile (phones, smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, media players) and PCs. He is also a global Lead Analyst for mobile gaming (including console, handheld, smartphone, tablet and cloud-based gaming). Mr. Nguyen also focuses on a number of key technologies, including augmented reality, haptics, MEMS gyroscopes and MEMS displays.

Areas of Coverage

  • Mobile & Wireless
  • Consumer Technologies
  • Emerging Trends & Technologies
  • PCs, Laptops & Handheld Devices


Previous Experience

Previously, Mr. Nguyen was an Associate Analyst in charge of inquiry and research for the Gartner North American Telecommunications group, where he covered a broad range of telecommunications issues. He has collaborated on several internal and external research consulting projects. In addition, he has provided inquiry and research support for the Strategic Advisory Program for Telecommunications, targeted at telecom executives worldwide.


B.A., Economics, University of California, San Diego