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Biswajeet Mahapatra

Biswajeet Mahapatra

Research Director

6 years at Gartner ,  20 years industry experience
United Arab Emirates

Roles and Responsibilities

Biswajeet Mahapatra, a Research Director in the IT Systems Security and Risk group, has a career spanning more than 20 years in many large IT organizations across the globe. Mr. Mahapatra covers I&O issues like I&O strategy, business value of IT, ITIL, I&O cost optimization, IT service support management (ITSSM), capacity management (tools and processes), and software asset management globally. He also covers regional (Middle East and India) IT leader issues, including regional IT laws, data privacy and security issues, cloud adoption, cloud strategy, managed services, and disaster recovery. He also helps IT leaders in deriving the maximum value out of their existing investments, reworking their I&O adoption strategy, and deriving metrics to help measure ROI in IT investments. Mr. Mahapatra helps vendors, service providers, system integrators and solution providers understand the Middle Eastern market, and he helps them formulate a go-to-market strategy and fine-tune their offerings to suit the region's specific needs.

Areas of Coverage

  • Servers & Storage
  • IT Operations

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Previous Experience

Mr. Mahapatra has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining Gartner, he was involved in the development and implementation of ERP, project management tools, personal cloud products, identity and access management tools, file systems, replication and snapshot tools, and OS and ITOM tools for several major vendors. His previous responsibilities included product management and product marketing, program management, business process implementation, and project management.

Professional Background

HP, Product Marketing Manager - Openview, 3 years
Novell, Product Manager, 3 years
Oracle, Senior Product Analyst, 3 years


B.E., Production Engineering (Gold Medalist)
M.B.A., XIM Bhubaneswar (Gold Medalist)


Indian - Bengali
Indian - Hindi