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Name Coverage Area
Fabbi,Mark Networking & Communications Equipment
Fabre,Sylvain Networking & Communications Equipment
Fabricius,Frank Networking & Communications Equipment
Feiman,Joseph Security & Privacy
Feinberg,Donald Data Management & Integration
Business Intelligence
Fenn,Jackie IT Management
Fernandez,Megan Marek Networking & Communications Services
Networking & Communications Equipment
Fiering,Leslie PCs, Laptops & Handheld Devices
Filks,Valdis Servers & Storage
Finkeldey,Derry N. Outsourcing & IT Services
Cross Industries
Finley,Ian Application Development & Integration
Firstbrook,Peter Security & Privacy
Fitzgerald,Donna IT Management
Fitzpatrick,Pam Supply Chain
Fletcher,Chris Customer Relationship Management
Fletcher,Colin IT Operations
Foong,King-Yew Networking & Communications Services
Forsman,Jouni Networking & Communications Equipment
Fouts,Richard Digital Marketing
Frank,Andrew Digital Marketing
Franzosa,Rick Supply Chain
Free,Don Banking & Investment Services
Freeman,Dean Semiconductors
Freyermuth,Jeff Enterprise Business Applications & ERP
Friedman,Ted Data Management & Integration
Fritsch,Joerg Security & Privacy
Fu,Vincent Outsourcing & IT Services
Networking & Communications Services
Furlonger,David Banking & Investment Services
Gartner, Inc.

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  • 30 Jun 2015

    The Future of IT Sales: The Customer Now Leads the Sales Process EDT: 11:00 a.m. | PDT: 8:00 a.m. | GMT: 15:00 As both prospective and existing customers take more control of their own buying journey, technology and service providers are facing a different kind of disruption - one that impacts the way they engage with and sell to buyers. Improving sales performance must extend beyond traditional internal metrics and processes. Providers must rethink how they measure and manage their sales force, when and why they introduce new tools and training, and what kind of skills and organization structure will be needed in the future. This webinar discusses the impact of the new buyer, the journey to the linear sales process and how companies should be thinking differently about engaging with customers in new ways.
  • 07 Jul 2015

    Managing Innovation and Digital Transformation in Financial Services Business and IT leaders from financial services organizations are under pressure to innovate and develop a digital value proposition. This digital transformation provides both business opportunities and creates new risks that must be properly managed in order to avoid costly mistakes.