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Naegle,Robert IT Operations
Nagashima,Yurika IT Operations
Emerging Trends & Technologies
Nakano,Nagayoshi Security & Privacy
Nakazawa,Kumiko Customer Relationship Management
Narisawa,Rika IT Management
Natis,Yefim V. Application Development & Integration
Neapolitan,Joseph IT Asset Management
Negrin,David Servers & Storage - Competitive Positioning
Nelson,Scott D. Customer Relationship Management
Newton,Alistair Banking & Investment Services
Ng,Fred Outsourcing & IT Services
Nguyen,Tuong Huy Consumer Technologies
Emerging Trends & Technologies
PCs, Laptops & Handheld Devices
Mobile & Wireless
Ni,Anna Servers & Storage - Comparative Hardware
Nicolett,Mark Security & Privacy
Nielsen,Per Emerging Trends & Technologies
Nielsen,Tomas IT Management
Nikols,Nick Security & Privacy
Nilles,Kimberly Supply Chain
Norton,David Application Development & Integration
Norwood,Andrew Semiconductors
Nunno,Tina IT Management
Gartner, Inc.

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  • 23 Oct 2014

    Four Ways Mobile Customers Will Force an Overhaul of Customer Service This webinar looks at how to put the customer in context, identifying which technologies and processes deliver superior customer service experiences. The role of sensors, location services, knowledge systems and Web self-service and the impact of Twitter, Facebook, multimodule alerts and video are also discussed.
  • 23 Oct 2014

    Social Analytics for the Age of "Wow" Virtually every modern marketer has a presence in social channels, and many use social listening tools to monitor what people say about their brands. Yet despite being a maturing discipline, social analytics remains stubbornly difficult and frustrating to apply. How much is a Facebook fan worth? Does it matter that your "net sentiment" is in the single digits? Your "share of voice" on Twitter is down this week - should you panic? This webinar focuses on the social analytics vendors, techniques, metrics and cases that can help you most.