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Naegle,Robert IT Operations
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Nagashima,Yurika Emerging Trends & Technologies
IT Operations
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Servers & Storage - Comparative Hardware
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Neiva,Claudio Security & Privacy
Nelson,Scott D. Customer Relationship Management
Newbury,Ken Emerging Trends & Technologies
Newton,Alistair Banking & Investment Services
Ng,Fred Outsourcing & IT Services
Nguyen,Tuong Huy Mobile & Wireless
Consumer Technologies
Emerging Trends & Technologies
PCs, Laptops & Handheld Devices
Ni,Anna Servers & Storage - Comparative Hardware
Nicolett,Mark Security & Privacy
Nielsen,Per Emerging Trends & Technologies
Nielsen,Tomas IT Management
Nikols,Nick Security & Privacy
Nilles,Kimberly Supply Chain
Normanton,Jason IT Operations
Enterprise Architecture
Servers & Storage
Norton,David Application Development & Integration
Norwood,Andrew Semiconductors
Notardonato,Sandra Outsourcing & IT Services
Outsourcing & IT Services
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Nygren,Toni Networking & Communications Services
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  • 01 Dec 2015

    Introducing New-School Authentication: Adaptive and Mobile EST: 9:00 a.m. & 12:00 p.m. | PST: 6:00 a.m. & 9:00 a.m. | GMT: 14:00 & 17:00 IT organizations have always struggled with the constraints of traditional authentication: increased cost and poor usability. They can now add decreased security to the list, due to the explosion of new attacks. Some new-school authentication methods are rapidly maturing - including enterprise adaptive, mobile push and local biometric. Can they break the traditional constraints and also deliver better security? And perhaps help bring about continuous authentication?
  • 01 Dec 2015

    Monetizzazione del dato Abstract: Le informazioni hanno un valore economico che le organizzazioni possono monetizzare in due modi: 1) Vendendole, scambiandole o autorizzandone la licenza 2) Usandole per ridurre i costi o incrementare le entrate. Tuttavia molti Information e Business leaders non utilizzano strategie e strumenti per monetizzare i dati. Perchè? Secondo lesperienza Gartner basata su centinaia di interazioni con i clienti - il valore dellinformazione in sè non viene riconosciuto o realizzato, come ad esempio viene riconosciuto e misurato il valore di altri beni intangibili come i diritti dautore, i marchi registrati e i brevetti.