Matt Looney

Matt Looney

Director of Data Science and Enterprise Architecture

Matt Looney, Director of Data Science and Enterprise Architecture at Eastman Chemical Company, has been with the Eastman for 27 years.  Matt graduated from the University of Louisville with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

The Data Science side of Matt’s organization includes Applied Statistics, Operation Research, Business Analytics, Data Consulting, and Business Intelligence.

The Enterprise Architecture organization includes the Enterprise Architects, various enterprise systems administration teams (SAP Administration, Database Admins, Application Integration, and Office-365), and centralized application development.

Matt is also responsible for Eastman’s Global Business Service center in Hyderabad, India.

Matt has a passion for how information technology is transforming our world, and how Eastman can/should leverage emerging technology to out-think and out-execute our competition.  Although much of the history of IT has been focused on efficiency and automation, he believes it will be our ability to foster, amplify, and aggregate human insight that will set Eastman apart.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 / 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

TechCase: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Decisions are the core of every business. From market research to operations planning, from manufacturing schedules to inventory strategy, from pricing decisions to distribution strategy; our businesses are basically “decision machines”.

But today’s “decision machines” are struggling. Our rapidly-changing business world requires better, faster decisions; but many of our IT systems don’t produce the data we need and we’re not organized to fully leverage the data we do have. Our gut tells us (along with a host of vendors and consultants) that advances in AI and Machine Learning will be critical to compete, but we don’t know where to even begin.

Are you struggling with the question of how to organize and build a team that supports next-generation decision-making? Do you have questions about architecture, structure, staff (roles and responsibilities) and how to plan for and manage skillsets to support data science? Is this even IT? …if not IT, who?

In this session, we will see the approach taken by Eastman Chemical Company. We will see how Eastman built a Data Science organization, how this organization continues to grow/mature, and learn how several early successes are beginning to shape the way the “decision machine” operates at Eastman.

Meet the analysts face to face.

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