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5 Steps to Build Agile Infrastructure & Operations

Build an I&O agility program that goes beyond “business as usual.” Gartner recommends that I&O leaders follow these five steps to build an agile, high performance and business-aligned I&O organization.

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Optimize IT Operations to Drive Business Values

Business users work differently than in the past and are demanding new technology and user experiences. Gartner Q&A with analyst Katherine Lord explores the future of IT operations.

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I&O Sets Foundation for Digital Transformation

People still often think about I&O as just keeping the lights on, but strong infrastructure and operations management is the foundation of any digital success.

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Analyst blog – Andrew Lerner

AIOps Platforms

AIOps is an emerging technology and addresses something I’m a big fan of – improving IT Operations.  So I asked fellow Gartner analyst Colin Fletcher for a guest blog on the topic…

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Serverless is not networkless

Serverless is pretty hot right now, so I asked one of our serverless analysts Arun Chandrasekaran a few questions on the topc. What is serverless, is it a new technology or just a rebranding of something old?

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SD-WAN is going Mainstream…

SDWAN remains a topic of high interest among Gartner clients. While many networking technologies are over-hyped as the next big thing, SDWAN is delivering on the promise.

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