High Technology and Telecom Provider (HTTP) FAQ
In September 2006, Gartner formed a new business unit called High Tech and Telecom Programs (HTTP). This business unit, led by Ken Davis, is responsible for developing innovative new products and services to meet the needs of the technology and telecom provider, professional service and technology investor market segments.

The Vendor Relations function, which deals with inquiries such as quote requests, now resides within the HTTP team.

This FAQ covers a number of questions raised by participants who attended a telephone conference to discuss the new business unit. If you have a question that is not covered below, please email vendor.relations@gartner.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of the HTTP business unit?
The HTTP business unit within Gartner has been formed to develop innovative new products to help high tech & telecom, professional services and IT investor clients be more successful in their specific job roles within their specific sub-industry. To do this, the HTTP team has developed a product roadmap for the first half of 2007 which includes three new products, currently in beta testing. They are called "Gartner for High Tech Sales Professionals", "Gartner for Analyst Relations Professionals", and "Gartner for Professional Services". They are scheduled to launch in Q1 2007. The team is also developing solutions for product marketing & management and market intelligence for launch in Q2 2007 and several others in the second half of the year.

Why does Vendor Relations now reside in the HTTP business unit?
Most of the queries the Vendor Relations team receives are from high-tech providers. It is therefore appropriate to for this team to reside within a business unit which is dedicated to meeting the needs of this market segment.

Does this mean I now have to pay for "quote requests"?
No. Simply email vendor.relations@gartner.com.

Does this mean I have to pay to arrange a vendor briefing? Do I need to be a Gartner client?
No. The purpose of a vendor briefing is to inform Gartner analysts on technologies, products, services, business plans, strategies, partnerships and announcements. They are not client deliverables and Gartner does not charge for them. To request a vendor briefing, click here

Where do I send requests to externally quote Gartner, such as for marketing materials or press releases?
Anyone wishing to quote or reference Gartner intellectual property should email vendor.relations@gartner.com.

Does this change mean only Gartner clients receive access to services that were previously open to anyone?
No. The ability to request analyst briefings, quote Gartner and seek advice on how to work with Gartner is available equally and free to clients and non-clients. Click here to view Gartner�s Guiding Principles for Objectivity

What level of service should we receive when we want to brief an analyst, regardless of the fact that we may or may not be a client?
Clients and non-clients follow the same process to schedule a briefing with an analyst. Client status does not determine if a briefing may take place or not. Click here to view Gartner�s Guiding Principles for Objectivity

As an analyst relations professional, how do I find out more about how to communicate effectively with Gartner on behalf of my company?
The Vendor Relations section on gartner.com contains a lot of information on how to engage with Gartner. For example, there are resource documents, editorial calendar for Magic Quadrants and Market Scopes, an overview of analysts by the topics they cover and a documented process for vendor briefings. If you require further information or advice, please contact vendor.relations@gartner.com.

What do I do if I have a complaint?
The Office of the Ombudsman was set up to address issues of analytical independence, accuracy and integrity. The Office welcomes communication from clients, non-clients and Gartner associates. Email ombudsman@gartner.com or call +1 203 316 3334. For more information about the department, click here

Regional Contacts for Vendor Briefings

Email: EMEA
Phone: +44 1784 26 7319
  • Email: Japan
  • Phone: +81 3 3481 3670

Office of the Ombudsman

Vendor Relations