Welcome to Gartner Vendor Relations. Our mission is to maximize the value of the mutual relationship and interactions between Gartner and Vendors. Our charter is to enhance Gartner's integrity, objectivity and independence by actively managing Vendor relationships. We also provide consistent Vendor Relations policies across Gartner's lines of business on a global basis. Our objectives are to protect the Gartner brand; provide a stewardship role for Vendors; and to manage the distinction between the client relationship and the research relationship.


21 January 2009
Quarterly Analyst Relations Call � January 2009
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8 December 2008
Quarterly Analyst Relations Call � December 2008
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4 November 2008
Cannes AR Forum and Cocktail Reception
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15 October 2008
Look What's New! � Office of the Ombudsman Updates to gartner.com
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14 October 2008
Orlando AR Forum and Cocktail Reception
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22 September 2008
Gartner Copyright and Quote Policy Updated!
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9 September 2008
Gartner Quarterly Analyst Relations Call
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20 June 2008
Gartner Quarterly Analyst Relations Call Replay
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Quote Requests

To request the use of Gartner Copyrighted material, send the following detail to vendor.relations@gartner.com:
  • the quote you wish to use
  • the original research source of the quote (preferably attached)
  • the materials in which the quote will appear

We usually respond in 48 hours to requests to quote from published research.

Will your Quote Request be approved? Consent for quoting published research is generally granted if the quote is:
  • taken from research less than 12 months old.
  • free of statements about a specific company or product
  • generic as applied to the industry
  • used in its contextual entirety and is verbatim

  • for more details, see Gartner's Copyright and Quote Policy

Resource Documents

Gartner Lead Analysts and Vendor Ratings Selection
Approved Quote Sheet Template
Compliance is Important to You!
Gartner Position Regarding Sarbanes-Oxley
Gartner's Copyright & Quote Policy
Guidelines for Reprint Promotion
Reprints Third Party Promotion Guidelines
Guidelines for Vendor Review Cycles
Research Organization Structure
HTTP Research Escalation Process
Magic Quadrant/MarketScope FAQs

Vendor Briefings

As an IT Vendor, you may request a Vendor Briefing with a Gartner analyst. Vendor Briefings are sessions conducted by our analysts to assist them in researching vendor technologies, business plans and strategies. Briefings may be live or via audio conference. Your request will be considered, but briefings are scheduled based on analysts research agendas.

Gartner encourages vendors that are not Gartner clients to brief our analysts on their product and services. To request a briefing, send an e-mail to vendor.briefings@gartner.com or call +1 203 316 6144.

To identify topics covered by our analysts, view Analyst Coverage.

Want to know what types of questions are asked at a Vendor Briefing? Check out our Sample Vendor Briefing Agenda.

Analyst Relations Quarterly Update


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