Gartner has been the trusted advisor by many of the world's largest and most demanding enterprises for over 25 years. Accurate answers to difficult questions; creative solutions to complex problems. That trust is based on relationships. Those relationships are not with a faceless company but with the remarkable people you'll find on these pages. No one sees the implications of technology so clearly, so consistently.

Critical mass is the great advantage that our people bring to our clients. Gartner analysts and consultants draw constantly from the real-life problems and solutions experienced by 60,000 Gartner clients worldwide. The value of this resource, combined with our deep analysis of technology vendors, is unrivaled. This is why business and technology leaders turn to us more than anyone else. You simply can't get the same quality of observation and advice anywhere else.

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We are often asked what makes Gartner analysts and consultants different. In a word: experience. It begins with who we hire. Gartner, like all companies at the very top of their field, attracts a pool of talented applicants that is almost breathtaking. We get the best of the best. In the technology world, it is a distinct professional honor to be a Gartner analyst. As a community, our 650 analysts are the most formidable brain trust of independent information technology experts on the planet. Hand-picked. Rigorously trained. Carefully mentored. Our clients get the tremendous value of that process and that thinking on a day-to-day basis.

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Did you know you can schedule an appointment to speak to an analyst? Ask your most important questions. Get person-to-person insight, now. (You must be a client to access this feature.) Read more

Gartner Fellows

The distinguished Gartner Fellows designation is awarded to only a few of our leading analysts. These are the best and the brightest, innovators and thinkers at the leading edge. Read more


Gartner consultants are experienced practitioners that apply rigorous methodologies and frameworks, critical thinking, deep analytics, and knowledge management to solve your greatest challenges. Composed of many former technology leaders and veteran consultants, they have dealt with your problems numerous times. Their expertise is helping clients optimize IT operations and manage major change using proven solutions and proprietary methodologies. Their great advantage, which no other competitor can provide, is the full power of Gartner Research and the richness of insight that flows continually from thousands of Gartner client engagements. At the intersection of technology and business, Gartner Consulting is a trusted, independent advisor. These are the people who continue to build on our reputation by solving your problems, brilliantly. Read more

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