APAC Local Briefing Information Security Trends and Strategies in the Age of Cloud - Beijing 10 July

  • 10  July  2012
  • Location:
  • Raffles Beijing Hotel
  • 33 East Chang An Avenue
  • Beijing, CHINA


About this Event

This exclusive interactive breakfast presentation by Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst, Tom Scholtz, will provide insight into the current security and risk management landscape, and address some of todays most pressing and compelling topics. You will also get the opportunity to network with other professionals in similar roles who are tackling similar initiatives and issues.

Price: By Exclusive Invitation Only


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Welcome & Introductions

Session One: 2012 Top Information Security Trends and Takeaways
Tom Scholtz

Cybersecurity threats continue to morph and have severe impact. Trends like the use of the cloud, consumerization and mobility are changing the way IT is delivered, and are both enabling new threats and breaking old security processes. This presentation will review the current top challenges in information security and summarize the best practices in dealing with them.

Learn from this session:

What social, business and technology trends are leading to increased threat to businesses

Which security technologies and processes will provide the highest return on investment during the next five years

How businesses can balance protecting customer data with increasing revenue


Session Two: Understanding and Managing SaaS and Cloud Computing Risks
Tom Scholtz

Cloud computing and SaaS bring unique technology, data control, compliance and vendor viability risks that are difficult to assess and control. Organizations considering cloud-based services must understand the associated risks, and define acceptable use cases and necessary compensating controls before allowing them to be used for regulated or sensitive information. This presentation will examine the practices in place in todays enterprises.

Learn from this session:

The main client concerns and risk elements for cloud-based services

How service providers can react to risk, security and contractual issues

How organizations can assess the risks and benefits of their cloud-aware service sourcing strategies

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