APAC Local Briefing Emerging Opportunities for the IT Provider - Seoul, 31 July

  • 31  July  2012
  • Location:
  • Coex Intercontinental Hotel
  • 524 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu
  • Seoul, KOREA, SOUTH


  • 24  July  2012
    Singapore, SINGAPORE
  • 25  July  2012
    Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
  • 2  August  2012
    Beijing, CHINA

About this Event

Please join leading Gartner analysts for an exclusive half-day presentation that delves into the impact of emerging technologies and concepts such as cloud computing, big data, fabric computing, infrastructure convergence and virtualization, and how best IT providers can capitalize on this opportunity.

Price: KRW 200,000 per person, inclusive taxes


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Welcome & Introduction

Session 1: Top 10 Trends and their Impact on Infrastructure and Operations
Andrew Kim

Strategic planners know that efficient planning must be accomplished by looking from the outside in. Internal trends, market trends and societal trends are rapidly converging; many will have dramatic effects on infrastructure and operations planning. This presentation highlights the most crucial trends to watch over the next five years and where the opportunities are for IT providers.

In this session, Gartner will provide advice on:

What societal pressures will have the greatest impact on data centers and how IT providers can leverage these

What key technologies will have the greatest impact and where IT providers can play

Issues driven by outside trends that will surface and how IT providers can address them

Session 2: Evolving Virtualization Challenges
Jin-Sik Yim

Virtualization has shifted from being a specific effort in servers and clients to an infrastructure wide initiative. Virtualization is driving convergence in data center. Server virtualization leads to Cloud VM choices influence your path to cloud infrastructure as a service. Desktop virtualization leads to modularizing delivery of the typical desktop, which results in the separation of the client OS, applications, data and the user persona. Client virtualization technologies offer a new path forward. This session looks at the challenges and opportunities of using virtualization to support IT leaders in this space.

In this session, Gartner will provide advice on:

How the server virtualization market will evolve

How server virtualization will lead to cloud computing

How key components of desktop virtualization are relevant to manageability


Session 3: Reshaping Storage Infrastructures to Support Virtualization and Big Data Initiatives
Jin-Sik Yim

The design point of storage infrastructures is moving past meeting service level agreements and regulatory requirements to supporting an agile compute environment that is increasingly characterized by its use of server, storage and desktop virtualization and analytics software.

In this session, Gartner will provide advice on:

How server and desktop virtualization affect storage infrastructure design, costs and usability

How big data is different from traditional online and database applications

What customers think of big data and how big is the market

The benefits and risk of using internal, public and hybrid cloud storage

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