APAC Local Briefing Revolutionizing Business Applications- Bangalore, 1 August

  • 1  August  2012
  • Location:
  • The Leela Place
  • 23 Airport Road
  • Bangalore, INDIA


  • 30  July  2012
    Mumbai, INDIA
  • 3  August  2012
    Delhi, INDIA

About this Event

This exclusive half-day presentation delves into the evolution of enterprise business applications and ERP, and will provide insight into where CRM is heading next and what you should do to make the most of these significant opportunities to innovate and thrive.

Price: By Exclusive Invitation Only



Welcome & Introduction

Session 1: ERP and Business Application Suites The Next Five Years
Alexander Drobik

ERP and business application suites continue to be the largest category of investment in application software. Organizations rely on their application backbone to support all their business operations. The rapid changes in new technologies and the vendor landscape threaten that investment. Major organizations need to take action now to reset their road-maps and meet these challenges. In this session, Gartner will provide advice on:

- The major user issues and market discontinuities impacting ERP through 2017

- How the vendor landscape will change through 2017

- How ERP will evolve and how to plan

Session 2: Top 10 Trends for CRM in 2020
Praveen Sengar

CRM is being impacted by long-term, slow moving trends such as the rise in self-service, short-term trends like the impact of cloud computing and by new emerging trends like big data. This session will provide an overview of where CRM is now and where the top 10 trends will take it over the next seven and one-half years and then discuss four major trends including customer experience management, social CRM, e-commerce and mobile CRM. In this session, Gartner will provide advice on:

- The top 10 trends impacting CRM to 2020

- How social, mobile, e-commerce and customer experience management will evolve

- How customers should plan for the next CRM revolution

Session 3: CRM & ERP Case Study
Sunil Padmanabh

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